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GLADT depends on donations for its work to happen, in particular, because the support of clients (interprets, translations, tickets for the local transport, catering for group gatherings, etc.), as well the public relations are not covered by Projects.

We are charitable, which means donations can be claimed for tax purposes. In any case, please state «Spende» (Donation) in the purpose of the transfer. Up to 50 euros, we create donation receipts and send them to you by post – please specify in the transfer your address! For amounts less than 50 euros, please keep the bank statement for presentation to the tax office. You are welcome to donate for a specific purpose – please contact us, to know which area is eligible:


Account Holder:  GLADT e.V.
Bank:                     Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN:                     DE43100205000001314703
BIC:                        BFSWDE33BER