Sunday January 27th, 2019

They Extract From Us To Become Themselves

from ALOK


for the past week i have been receiving non-stop rape threats, death threats, been ridiculed & demeaned, called a monkey & monster, told i have a disorder & need to be exterminated…simply for posting a photo of myself in a swim suit.

several memes have been made out of my image: there is something so degrading about an empowering image of yourself getting repurposed to humiliate you. it’s like getting spat on in your favorite outfit: the extremities of joy & the enormity of pain.

this harassment is coming from both men & women, many of whom are south asian like me. they tag each other to make fun of each other: this is your boyfriend, this is your girlfriend, this is you. essentially: they use me to become. become desirable, become straight, become humorous, become men & become women.

i am familiar with this encounter: being extracted from to create the norm and then subsequently being disavowed from it. being foundational to everything & then being erased from it. in times like these i want to disappear – delete the social media accounts that profit off of me but do not protect me, protect my art & my image & my creativity from a world which punishes me for it.

but then i remember that is precisely what they want me to do: erase myself so they can maintain the fiction not only of their relevance, but themselves.

it’s another unremarkable remarkable day of enduring the vitriol of transmisogyny. it is spectacularly ordinary & ordinarily spectacular. today i am here to tell the story of it, to say “this happens to people like me every day.” to ask: “what are you doing to stop it?” and perhaps: “how are you engendering it?”

Tuesday November 20th, 2018

Gedenktag für die Opfer von Transfeindlichkeit – Trans Day Of Remembrance

Mindestens 369 trans* Menschen weltweit wurden laut dem Trans Murder Monitoring Forschungsprojekt zwischen Oktober 2017 und September 2018 gewaltsam getötet. Das sind 44 Fälle mehr als im Jahr 2017 und 74 Fälle mehr als 2016. Diese Zahlen werfen die Frage auf, ob es mehr tödliche Gewalt gegen trans* Menschen gibt oder sie besser erfasst wird.

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Monday September 3rd, 2018

My Gender Is My Race Is My Gender

from ALOK


shuffling between family dinners & queer parties, disparate spaces & paradigms, where often it feels like all the indian people are cis & all the queer people are white. the collapse of history & language & memory that engenders this moment. the relentless & exhaustive ritual of asserting that we have always been — to the white queers who call their genders new, and the indians who call heteronormativity home. but i know my gender is my race is my gender is my family is my queers is my soiled makeup wipes in the car on the way to my mother is my lipstick, fecund, ready to bloom on the way back.