“PoC” and “Black”?

Our understanding of Black and People of Color

When we speak here and in our work of “black”, “white” and “of color”, we never refer to the biological characteristics of individuals or groups of people. Such homogenized groups have never existed and do not exist today. However, alleged similarities are produced, and this is due to the social inequality that privileges some people (groups) and disadvantages others. Thus, by “black,” “white,” and “people of color,” we refer to the opportunities in social, political and legal participation, etc., in other words, the divisions of a racist system that unequally distributes resources and access, and transforms certain forms of diversity into social inequality. It is the collective experiences of exclusion from education, work, housing and other important social assets that lead to similarities in the fight for equal rights. An overview of the political use of these aspects can be found in the following texts:


Noah Sow: https://www.noahsow.de/blog/deutschland-schwarz-weiss-2018


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