Psychosocial counseling

Opening hours
Tuesday and Thursday from 11 pm to 2 pm or with appointment via


We work with an approach based on eye-level support. We ourselves are Black LGBT*I*Q and LGBT*I*Q of Color and are affected by different forms of discrimination. Through our psychosocial counseling services, we seek to support and empower people who go through similar experiences. We work anonymously, in solidarity and confidentiality. We try to offer assistance on self-help. We offer a space where people can feel heard, understood and strengthened.

Anti-discrimination, Anti-violence
Have you experienced (multiple) discrimination? Have you experienced homophobia and transphobia? Have you experienced violence on the street, from the authorities, from the police, in relationships or from friends? Have you experienced bullying or stalking? Have you experienced sexual violence?
Asylum, Migration
Did you escape to Germany or migrate in another way? Have your loved ones fled or migrated to you? Do you have questions about asylum and residence rights? Do you have questions about partnership and marriage law? Do you have questions about sexual and/or gender identity as a reason for asylum? Do you need non-German or multilingual information material?
Trans* und Inter*
Do you experience discrimination and violence based on your gender identity? Do you need someone to accompany you to the doctors? Are you looking for non-German or multilingual material?
Coming Out, Family, Religion
Do you have questions about coming out? Do you want someone to accompany you in your coming out process? Have you had trouble with your family after coming out?
Do you have health problems and are looking for information? Do you have questions about safe sex? Do you need non-German or multilingual information on health topics? Do you need assistance in completing application forms, e.g. for insurance companies or hospitals?
Do you have a history of addiction and are looking for support? Are you looking for a suitable self-help group in Berlin?
Are you looking for people, spaces or activities that will give you strength? Are you looking for content that deals with topics that are important to you, but there are none or hardly any people who understand and acknowledge you? Do you want to work with others on strategies to strengthen yourself and others?
Are you a group of Black Queers or Queers of Color and you want to be active? Are you looking for contacts to the black and PoC community in Berlin and other cities or countries? Do you need information about starting an association, setting up a collective or starting an initiative? Are you looking for information on funding opportunities for your projects? Do you need information for writing applications or managing funds? Do you want to organize actions like, for example, a soli party?

We support in a partisan way, in solidarity, and confidentiality. If necessary, we provide non-German speaking or multilingual doctors, therapists and lawyers. We offer as much guidance as we can.


Psychological counseling

We offer psychological counseling for people who, for whatever reason, don’t have quick access to therapy (Dates only by appointment – please contact us at


Who are we here for?

  • LGBT*I*Q (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans *, Inter *, Queer)
  • People with a history of immigration
  • LGBT*I*Q refugees
  • People of Color and Black people
  • People affected by multiple discrimination because of a disability, age, religion or belief, social background, etc.
  • (Chosen) Family Members and Friends from immigrants, Black and/or of Color LGBT*I*Q’s
  • Professionals, multipliers (including education, health, anti-discrimination, social work …)



We give advice in different languages. The following languages are currently offered in our team: Urdu, Punjabi, Turkish, Hebrew, Farsi, Deutsch, English.

If required, we can also provide interpreters for DGS (German Sign Language), Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Georgian and Russian.