Meeting Point

People of different gender, different sexual orientations, and different cultural/religious backgrounds identify with GLADT and shape the content and character of the organization, as well the work for others.


That’s why we run a counseling and meetig point for people who are excluded from their gender identity/sexual orientation as well as their (social)origin, age, religion or belief, disability or other characteristics.


Opening hours
With Appointments only – No walk-in hours until 30.09.2020 due to COVID


This “own” place for people with multiple affiliations is an important prerequisite for the use of our counseling and support services. We are particularly interested in LGBT*I*Q people with a migration history, refugees, people of color and black people, but also other people who are affected by multiple discrimination. Among other things, there are:

  • Psychosocial counseling, support, and assistance (for LGBT*I*Q, parents, people who want to change their name in another country, looking for a shared flat, needing to complete a form, etc.). Above all, topics can also be: discrimination, coming out, residence, partnership, Common-law marriage and marriage, health …;

  • Group and event offers (film and discussion evenings, breakfasts, game evenings, etc.);

  • Further education and workshops with and for multipliers, but also groups of students;

  • Awareness work within queer scenes and non-queer immigrant or PoC communities;

  • Press, networking and public relations (press releases, public events, presence in queer and non-queer public events).



The offers are basically anonymous and free. We orient ourselves to the needs of the people who come to us and offer fast, unbureaucratic help free of charge!