Queer MOC Berlin:

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Queer MoC Berlin is a self-organized group for black and queer men*of color. By “man” we mean any person who identifies themselves as a man or moves along the spectrum of masculinity: trans*, inter* and cis men of Color, we warmly invite, especially those who are exposed to other forms of racism and discrimination, to come to our meetings.

Our group should serve as a meeting place for mutual support, exchange of experience, as a discussion platform or for the organization of various events, such as parties, dinners, film screenings and workshops on topics relevant to us – or so we can simply spend a good time together!

Break Out

Please find upcoming dates on facebook or insta

A support group for Black, Indigenous and Persons of Color lesbians, gays, bisexuell, Trans*, Inter* and Queer people who are looking for Psychological Support and social engagement
When: Every last Friday of the Month from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm

If you have any questions about whether or not this space is for you please feel to reach out to GLADT or KJCounselling

The aim of this support group is to provide a safer space for Black, Indigenous and Persons of Color Queer people who are going through psychological troubles, looking for therapy or counselling, facing isolation due to the psychological problems and looking for social contact with other Queer BIPOC’s in similar situations. It is a space to share experiences, information, resources, stories, time, empathy and energies with one another.

Each monthly meeting will cover a different topic ranging from exploring a specific psychological issue, how to understand and navigate the mental health and at times just sharing space while watching a film or crafting.

Location: GLADT e.V. Lützowstraße 28, 10785 Berlin.
You will need to enter through the main entrance and then go up to the top floor. If you are having any trouble finding the place just give us a call @ 01521 1859839 or send KJcounselling a message on Facebook.

***(there are more than one lützowstraße in berlin so please use the area code while using google maps)***

Facilitator Info:

This group will be facilitated by Kemoy (She/her) who is an intersectionally trained queer, black womxn. She will be there to offer support and address any issues that may arise during the sessions. Kemoy is originally from New York where she studied Psychology and Sexual Health. She later continued her education by completing a Masters in Psychodynamic Counselling at Goldsmiths, University of London as well as a Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy with Tavistock Relationships. She has a special interest in working within Black and POC Queer,Trans and Intersex communities in addition to those struggling with Psychosexual issues and survivors of sexual assault.

You can follow her on IG: @kjcounselling and check out her website,

Translator info:

Sheikha is an MA graduate in Migration Studies from the University of Copenhagen. She is a queer mixed-black femme and has been working at GLADT for the last half year doing anti-discrimination and community work. She is also a keen writer and her writing always centres the experiences of marginalised people.

Language: The facilitators of the group speak English and German but if there are more people speaking other languages, they are welcome to communicate in their preferred languages.

We can organize translators in different languages if needed.
Contact: if you have further questions.