Non-discriminatory Scenes for all

Together with many of our partners in the Berlin queer scene, our focus is on the Union: “Among each other – for one another”. The very experience of being discriminated against – for example, as a white woman * or as a white gay man – does not protect anyone from discriminating others. Therefore, within queer spaces and scenes, everyday forms of discrimination and violence occur against people who, in addition to being lesbian, gay, queer, inter* and trans*, are also black or PoC, people with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities and/or Immigrants or people who are perceived as Immigrants or Muslims, for example.


For this reason, GLADT started the network “Non-discriminatory Scenes for All” in 2010. In regular meetings – currently, every two months – various associations, people from the hospitality industry, counseling and political initiatives share their work and address exclusions, barriers and power structures that (may) appear within queer scenes. Together, we develop effective strategies and organize events and workshops, including the Long Night of Non-Discrimination, which takes place every November.


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This project is funded by:


Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung


Initiative „Berlin tritt ein für Selbstbestimmung und Akzeptanz geschlechtlicher und sexueller Vielfalt“ (IGSV)