Break Out: a self-help group for BPOC queers looking for Psychological Support

FREITAG 30 AUGUST 2019 18:30 – 20:30

Break Out

A Self-Help group for Black and PoC Queers looking for Psychological Support

Some of us Queers BPOC‘s are dealing with mental health problems. The reasons for these mental health issues are diverse and intersectional. It can be due to different forms of discrimination like racism, homophobia, trans*phobia, inter*phobia, classism, sexism, ableism, othering, tokenism or due to our histories or due to our current and past relationships, or due to political disasters around the world or due to identity issues created by heteronormative society, white supremacy and migration histories. Lack of access to mental health services, for example long a term therapy with intersectionaly trained therapists, lack of access to the insurance or lack of social support, among other reasons can result into a state of isolation which is not an easy task to break out.
The aim of this self-help group is to provide a safe space for Black and Persons of Color Queer people who are going through psychological troubles, looking for a therapy or counselling, facing isolation due to the psychological problems and looking for a social contact with other Queer BPOC’s in similar Situations to share experiences, information, resources, stories, time, empathy and energies with one another.
This group will be facilitated by intersectionaly trained queer BPoc psychologists who will be there to support during the self-help efforts of breaking out of isolation, understanding and navigating through the mental health issues and develop empowerment strategies or just spend some comfortable moments with each other by watching movies, playing games or do some arts together.

For: Black and Persons of Color lesbians, gays, bisexuell, Trans*, Inter* and Queer people only
When: Every last Friday of the Month from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm
Location: GLADT e.V. Lützowstraße 28, 10785 Berlin (there are more than one lützowstraße in berlin so please use the area code while using google maps)
Language: The facilitators of the group speak English and German but as it’s a Self-help group so if there are more persons speaking other languages, they are welcome to communicate in languages preferred by the group. We can organize translators in different languages if needed.
Contact: if you have further questions.