Here we are! Conference

GLADT e.V. and LesMigraS will hold a Community Open Space Conference in Berlin, July 6, 2019 from 10am-5pm

Where: Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin (accessible Location)
Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin
When: Saturday 06 July 2019 from 10am – 5pm

“Here we are! Lesbian- and Queer of Color: Between Hyper- and Invisibility”

This meeting will gather Black and People of Color queer activists and community members from various lesbians- and queer of color groups and grassroots organizations across Germany.

The aim is to network, share our work, activism, experiences and ideas, brainstorm altogether, and to foster solidarity by bringing lesbian- and queer of color community affected by patriarchy, sexism, cis-sexism, ableism, racism, forced migration, classism and colonialism.

In the current climate of mainstream society and (white dominated) queer communities, lesbians- and queer of color are navigating between

Hyper-visibility: when we are treated as tokens (see below for explanation) and used to represent diversity within white dominated spaces,


Invisibility: when we experience social, professional and academic exclusion.

Despite all of it, we remain resilient and create different coping strategies to survive, thrive and shine!

This is an invitation to come together to create a day and space, where we discuss and share our ideas, issues, needs, visions and develop strategies to be (in)visible on our own terms. How we will fill this space is up to us: Health, Everyday Life, Asylum and Migration, Bodys, Femme (In)visibility and Trans* (In)visibility can all be topics to be addressed.

The event will be facilitated according to Open Space Technology. In the morning we will collectively develop the agenda and follow through with various workshop-type activities in the afternoon. Open Space means that the participants are fully involved in the planning, implementation and decision making. There will be no panels, no speeches, and no set program for the day. The floor is ours!

*TOKEN (Tokenism): engaging a small number of people from under-represented groups in order to give the appearance of for example sexual or racial equality within a workforce

***This event is for Black and People of Color Queers ONLY***

Please register at First come, First serve!

Please get in touch if needed.

Please get in touch if you need translation in Languages (e.g Sign Language) other than english, german, turkish, arabic and farsi.

We have a limited budget for paying travel costs for those who travel from outside of Berlin. Please mention in your registration.

We are looking forward to see you there!

This Event is organized by GLADT e.V. and LesMigraS…

This Event is financed by

Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung:

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